Blagdon Baptist Church

chapelAround the 1850’s there were a number of Baptists meeting in a room above ‘The Bell’ public house in Bell Square, Blagdon.

There was a request made to The Bristol Baptist Itinerant Society to send people to take the services. These were often students from Bristol Baptist College.

By the start of the 1870’s funds were raised through the Itinerant society and people in the local community for the building of a Baptist Chapel in the village. The chapel opened in 1875 and was called ‘the Jubilee’ chapel to commemorate 50 years of the founding of The Bristol Baptist Itinerant Society. In 1880 the new school room (hall) was opened to accommodate the Sunday School which numbered over 100 pupils. Ever since that time God has blessed the continuing work of Blagdon Baptist Church in sharing the good news of Jesus in the community.

Blagdon Baptist Church organises and/or hosts a range of activities for children and young people during the week. Blagdon Baptist Church fully supports Blagdon Churches Together events and the work of the Butcombe and Blagdon Youthwork Trust.

The services

Communion is shared on the first Sunday of each month. We enjoy a wide variety of visiting preachers for services each month.

Breakfast@9 is an informal breakfast church gathering which happens on the fourth Sunday of each month.


Blagdon Baptist Church
Mead Lane, High Street, Blagdon, Somerset


Clare Walker
T: 01761 462 558

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