Blagdon Valley Minibus Association

The association runs a community minibus operation based in Blagdon.

image of the minibus in mosaic tilesThe minibus is available for use by clubs, associations and other non-profit making organisations in Blagdon and other local communities. The bus seats 16 passengers in addition to the driver.


Eligible groups pay a modest annual fee and booked journeys are charged on a distance basis.

You can check when the minibus is available here

We are pleased to announce that from March 2016 all rates are reduced by 5p per kilometre.  Journey charges are now:

  • First 100km – 55p per kilometre
  • Next 100km – 45p per kilometre
  • Remainder – 40p per kilometre

The Association has a number of volunteer drivers who have a Certificate of Competence to drive a minibus.

The Bath Bus Service

The minibus runs once a month (usually the first Friday) to Bath. We pick up around the village at about 9.30am and return just before 3pm.

We charge £12 for a ticket for each quarter’s three trips, but can accommodate singles if there is space.

Please contact Joan Smith T: 463 342 if interested


Enquiries and bookings
Andrew Barnes
T: 01761 462 120
M: 07954 655 049

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