Local Bus Services


The bus services which currently run through Blagdon currently are:


No Route Operator
672 Blagdon to Bristol Various
683 Keynsham to Wells Bugler Coaches
793 Weston-super-Mare to Bath Abus
834 Chew Valley to Weston-super-Mare CT Coaches


Bus stops and shelters

Above: Seymour Arms bus shelter, the stop opposite the school and Diplands stop.
Below: the new shelter at the top of Church Street opposite the school

There are three bus stops in Blagdon, two of which have shelters on one direction.  Oppostie The School westwards, The Seymour Arms bus shelter and The School eastwards. The Seymour Arms is a both direction stop.

There are three bus stops in Blagdon where the bus will stop on request. These are the Dipland, The School and The Seymour Arms stops.

At the Dipland and Seymour Arms stops there are at present no designated waiting places (ie marked by pole and bus flag) on the Weston / Cheddar-bound side of the road.

Timetables are displayed only on the Ubley / Bristol / Bath bound side of the road at the Seymour Arms bus stop. They are available on both sides of the School stop.

A Mendip village in the middle of everywhere

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