Waste Collections

All non recyclable rubbish, is stored in black wheelie bins or black bags supplied by North Somerset Council.

Blagdon’s collections occur fortnightly on Mondays. Waste is collected on Bank Holidays too.

A calendar is available to download from North Somerset’s website http://www.n-somerset.gov.uk.

Collection places

Place your bin or bag at the edge of your property, nearest the highway, where the lorry can gain access, by 7am on the day of collection.


To help the refuse collectors provide a safe service:

wrap broken glass and other sharp objects
don’t put liquids in the bin or bag, they will leak out on the road. Please take them to a recycling centre or leave by your bin
Do not put your bags out early, animals may tear them open
If you are disabled and find it difficult to get your rubbish to a collection place it may be possible for you to receive an assisted collection. Please contact Streets and Open Spaces for more information
If you have a wheeled bin:

you can use carrier bags or bin liners to bag your rubbish, and place these in your bin
the lid must be closed and only rubbish inside the bin will be collected
additional rubbish alongside or on top of the bin will not be taken
If you are on sacks:

you will be provided with a limited supply of sacks every six months (the equivalent of four bags every other week)
if you run out of sacks before your next supply is delivered, we will not supply you with any extra bags
Collecting materials

Household waste which cannot be collected for recycling or composting,
such as:

plastic packaging and film
vacuum cleaner contents
cat, dog or other pet litter
sanitary products
cooled ash (bagged)
Not accepted:
food waste, garden waste and recyclable materials accepted by other collection services
loose or hot ash – this must be cooled and bagged
rubble, earth and stones
hazardous clinical waste
bulky household items
engine oil, paint or other chemicals
business commercial waste
Extra non-recycling rubbish

If you sometimes have extra or bulky household waste for disposal, this can be taken to one of the three Recycling Centres in Backwell, Portishead and Weston.

Further information

Should you have any further queries or questions regarding collections or a failure to collect please call:

Streets and Open Spaces helpline
T: 01934 888 802
W: http://www.n-somerset.gov.uk/waste


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