Severe Weather Conditions

Where disruption continues for longer than a day, the advice is to:

  • Take your recycling and food waste back in if it is not collected by 7pm on your scheduled collection day and put it back out next week on your next scheduled collection day.
  • Leave your refuse out until it is collected.
  • Take your green garden waste back in if it is not collected and put it back out the next month on your normal scheduled collection day.
  • Please don’t report a missed collection if a whole road is missed – we will know about it.
  • Our three recycling centres (at Backwell, Portishead and Weston-super-Mare) will be open for anyone who wishes to bring their refuse, recycling and green waste and is able to do so safely.
  • Please continue to sort your recycling into individual materials – it speeds up collection, reduces congestion and allows crews to collect from more properties.
  • If the disruption continues we may use different vehicles from those you normally see or we may not sort your recycling at the kerbside, but however we collect your food waste or recycling it will still be sent for reprocessing and will not go to landfill.
  • We may also set up temporary recycling centres across the district so that you can dispose of your waste and recycling as well. If these are set up we will advertise their locations and opening times on our website.

We are doing everything we can to return to a normal collection service as soon as possible.

Check our website regularly for updates –

Please help out your neighbours who may have difficulties with their waste and recycling.

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