Green Waste Bags

There is an alternate fortnightly Green Waste bag collection run by North Somerset Council who have provided the bags. It is for garden waste only.

Blagdon’s collections occur on alternate Mondays. During the winter collections are reduced as less garden waste is produced – a calendar is available to download from

If you do not have a bag please contact the Streets and Open Spaces helpline T: 01934 888 802. You can purchase additional bags from the council or your local gardening centre.

Please try to fill your home composter first. After that place any extra garden waste you have in the sack for collection. Home composters are available from the council, call the Streets and Open Spaces helpline T: 01934 888 802.

Collection places

Place your bag at the edge of your property, nearest the highway, where the lorry can gain access, by 7am on the day of collection.

Collecting materials
Accepted for collection 

  • grass cuttings
  • plants
  • flowers
  • leaves
  • weeds
  • prunings
  • hedge and conifer clippings
  • twigs
  • tree branches (10cm/4.5 inches in diameter)
  • toilet and kitchen roll inners and egg boxes
  • corrugated cardboard
    (no plastic tape and flattened)

  • soil
  • concrete/rubble
  • bricks/stones
  • painted/treated wood
  • coal ash
  • food scraps
  • plastic flower pots/ trays
  • nappies
  • glass/metal/paper/ plastic
  • general rubbish

Please remove as much of the soil attached to plants and weeds as possible. Please ensure that the bag does not exceed 20kgs when full.

If your bag contains any item other than those listed as accepted for collection it will not be collected. Your bag will be tagged explaining why it has been left. Please re-sort the material and put the bag out again. If there is no tag please contact the Streets and Open Spaces helpline T: 01934 888 802.

Green waste will only be collected in official green waste bags. These can be in short supply and paper bags may be accepted as an alternative at such times.

Further information

If your bag goes missing or should you have any further queries or questions regarding green waste collection please call:

Streets and Open Spaces helpline
T: 01934 888 802

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