Food Waste

North Somerset Council has supplied a five litre caddy to keep in the kitchen to collect scraps and a 23 litre sealable bin to place food waste outside for collection each week. These containers are for both your cooked and uncooked food waste.

You can use newspaper or brown paper to wrap food waste and line your caddy, or you can buy compostable corn starch liners. You can also use plastic bags.

Blagdon’s food waste collections occur weekly on Mondays. Waste is collected on Bank Holidays too.

A calendar is available to download from North Somerset’s

Collection places

Place your bin or bag at the edge of your property, nearest the highway, where the lorry can gain access, by 7am on the day of collection.

Collecting materials

Please put the following in the food waste

  • cooked and raw food
  • meat and fish (including bones)
  • dairy products (for example cheese and yoghurt)
  • vegetable and fruit peelings*
  • egg shells*
  • tea bags and coffee grounds*

* or these items can be home composted instead

Please don’t include the following

  • plastic bags
  • pet litter or faeces
  • any kind of packaging
  • nappies
  • garden waste
  • other recyclable materials such as glass or metals
  • other general waste
What happens to the food waste?

Food waste will be taken to an in-vessel processing plant for conversion into compost. Where possible continue
composting your fruit and vegetable peelings at home.

Further information

Should you have any further queries or questions regarding collections or a failure to collect please call:

Streets and Open Spaces helpline
T: 01934 888 802

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