How does the defibrillator work?

There are two defibrillators in Blagdon, one outside the Village Club and one at the junction of Bath Road and Baynard Close.

One defibrillator is in the west end of the village, outside the Village Club just opposite Mendip Farm Butchers on the main road. It’s in a green cabinet with a key pad lock which is attached to the wall (there’s a green sign above it). The other is in the old BT phone box opposite the primary school.

When you ring for an ambulance, if it’s felt advisable, a defibrillator may be required. This doesn’t mean you’ll have to use it, it may just be requested in case it’s needed.

You will be asked if you are on your own. If you are you will be told to stay with the patient. The emergency call centre will either contact the nearest paramedic and/or the nearest on call 1st responder who would collect the Defibrillator en route to the site of the emergency.

If you aren’t on your own the call centre will advice you of the location of the nearest Defibrillator from their map and instruct you to collect it and give you the code number. You’ll be given a four digit code to enter into the keypad on the defibrillator storage cabinet. It can be entered in any order. Retrieve the equipment and return to the person needing help. From the moment you are authorised to open the cabinet and retrieve the defibrillator you are insured by the NHS.

The emergency call centre will remain on the phone and will assist you in the correct application of the machine. The machine is easy to use and, using voice instruction, provides a step-by-step guide as to how it can be used to save the patient’s life. It will decide whether a shock is necessary and how many may be needed. You don’t need to have any medical knowledge or training to use it.

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