Blagdon is represented by five different set of representatives – parish, district, parliament and police commissioner. These are elected at different intervals and by different electoral systems.

  • First past the post
    The winner is candidate with the most votes. There does not have to be a majority vote in favour of a candidate for them to be elected. Nor is there a minimum turnout required.
  • Proportional representation “PR”
    Although there are different forms of proportional representation in essence they have the following in common.

    • Five or more representatives are elected by a larger district, rather than one representative for a small district.
    • The seats are distributed according to the proportion of the vote each party or group received. This may more closely reflect the choices of all the electorate and not just the majority.

The polling station is usually at Blagdon Village Club and is open from 7am-10pm on election day. You will not need your card, just to be on the electoral register. You can also have a postal vote or a proxy vote. More information on voting is available on or aboutmyvote.

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