Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

To have an entry on the website costs nothing. It is a free service for the local community. If local businesses survive, it’s good for everyone and helps to keep Blagdon a living, thriving village.

Can any one be included?

Anyone who supplies a service to the residents of Blagdon is welcome to apply to be included on this site. One man bands, small businesses or larger concerns can be listed. Large chains will not be included.

What area is covered?

The services included on the site should be within 15-20 or so minutes travel time from Blagdon. There may be odd exceptions to this guideline where the service is very specialised or is used frequently by the villagers.

If there is doubt over the suitability of a business’s inclusion it will be referred to the committee for discussion.

Can images be included?

It is possible to include photos, logos and illustrations as long as you have permission to use them. Once you have been contacted then their supply can be arranged.

How soon will I hear if I’m accepted?

You should receive confirmation of your request for inclusion within seven days. If a page is created a proof of it will be sent to you.

How regularly is the site updated?

Every six months you’ll be contacted to check your information on the site. If you need to make changes before then please contact

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