What happened

In 2004 a steering group under the chairmanship of our local friendly shopkeeper, Graham Brown, was established to gather views and opinions from as many sectors of our village as is possible, including households, businesses, local clubs and groups.

A short questionnaire was developed and delivered to every household in November 2004, the results from which would:

  • help form the basis of the Village Plan, reflecting the views of our community for present day and future Blagdon;
  • facilitate The Village Plan to be used in a practical way to influence government bodies in their decisions which affect our village; and
  • help The Village Plan be used to assist in funding applications for grants for amenities in Blagdon.

In addition we gathered views and promoted the Village Plan at the Country Fare, where written flip-charted feedback included the desire for flatter playing fields, a village hall, road calming/traffic management, more seating areas, doctor/dentist/prescription service, more cycle routes – especially to the lake and basketball courts, less road signs, more control of dog mess and a better bus service.

A great return of over 51% of the village responded, to form the basis of The Village Plan document.

In April 2005, the plan was in the final stages of production – reflecting the views of people in Blagdon of how they see their village now and how it may evolve over the next few years.

A Mendip village in the middle of everywhere

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