The Plan

A questionnaire was sent to all households in Autumn 2004. This, together with consultations with businesses, clubs, associations and young villagers, formed the source of the information used to form the Plan.

coverThe main reason for generating the Plan was not to seek out new things to change in the village but to gauge the level of support or opposition to changing things that had already been raised as issues. These issues have been set out in order in the Plan, starting with those that received the highest responses and finishing with the lower priority issues. The issues could be grouped into three categories:

  • Issues which have a co-ordinator who will act as a focal point. If you have a particular interest in any of these items, your support would be very welcome.
  • Issues currently being dealt with by the Parish Council. The Plan will be used as evidence of the issue’s local support-in their negotiations with relevant parties and in their prioritisation of the local issues.
  • Issues that do not currently have anybody championing them and for which working groups need to be set up to lead the change. Your support for any of these issues would be very welcome.

The Village Plan 2005 (pdf: 1 Mb) was delivered to all Blagdon residents in June 2005 and can still be downloaded.

A Mendip village in the middle of everywhere

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