artist-brushesThe gallery contains photos, movies, impressions and anecdotes and stories.

It can be from the young or old and you don’t have to be a professional artist to have your work included. The images don’t have to be masterpieces – as long as it reflects your view of life here, and you are happy to have your name attached to it, it’s eligible for inclusion.

Addicott’s Archive
Photos of Blagdon before the millennium

Blagdon’s Photo competition
The entries for the latest photo competion

The Blagdon Kaleidoscope
Photos of Blagdon since 2000 – including all the photo competitions entries

The Blagdon Miscellany
Photo reviews of the many events that happen during the year

Blagdonvillage’s Flickr account
Instagrams and photos of Blagdon and its people

Blagdonvillage’s Instagram account
Instagrams of Blagdon and its people

Blagdonvillage’s Youtube account
Movies of Blagdon past and present and links to movies produced by other Blagdon residents

If you see an image or story you would like to use, please contact the address below about permission. The copyright for all the entries remains with the authors, we will try to pass any requests on.

For more information on how to supply items please email:

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