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6 May 2015                                                                                                                             

If you live to the east of the cricket pitch, Faster Broadband is scheduled to be installed by October and you need do nothing apart from order it.  You probably have a ‘green cabinet’ phone line, where the line from your house goes to the green cabinet at the junction of Church Street and Bath Road.  All that is needed to install Faster Broadband is for the cable between the cabinet and the exchange to be replaced by a fibre cable.

But if you live to the west of the cricket pitch, you are not scheduled to get Faster Broadband.  Instead, BT Openreach plans to survey this area between July and December, to see whether Faster Broadband is viable there.  Register your interest now to convince them we need it!

Why the difference?  Houses to the west of the cricket pitch probably have an ‘Exchange Only’ line, where the copper wire goes straight from the house to the exchange.  These lines are usually much too long to carry Faster Broadband signals and, either a new green cabinet must be installed, or the entire copper line between the exchange and your house must be replaced by fibre.  Running a separate fibre line to each house is probably more expensive, but if it is done, you should receive much faster speeds of up to 300 Mb/sec.

You might say “I don’t need Faster Broadband, it does not affect me”.  But it will affect you even if you decide not to install it.  Once Faster Broadband is common elsewhere, web designers are likely to create web pages with vast quantities of data, and the web will be all but unusable for those with slower lines.

You can find more information at

You can ask your ISP to confirm whether you have an ‘Exchange Only’ line and if you do (and if you don’t!), you are
strongly recommended to register your possible interest at

as by doing so you are not making any commitment, but the more who register an interest, the more likely it is that Faster Broadband will be installed.